JAPAN 234: Seminar in Classical Japanese Drama: “Noh Texts and Contexts”

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About this Guide

This course guide points to library print and electronic sources for research in Classical Japanese Drama with special focus on Noh

Before You Begin Your Research

Before you begin your research, you might want to check the following points for basics:

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools help you manage your research, collect and cite sources, and create bibliographies in a variety of citation styles.  Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but any are easier than doing it by hand!

  1. Zotero: A free plug-in that works exclusively with the Firefox browser: keeps copies of what you find on the web, permits tagging, notation, full text searching of your library of resources, works with Word, and has a free web backup service.
  2. RefWorks - free for UC Berkeley users. It allows you to create your own database by importing references and using them for footnotes and bibliographies. Use the RefWorks New User Form to sign up.
  3. EndNote: may be purchased from UC Berkeley's Software Central.

It's always good to double check the formatting -- sometimes the software doesn't get it quite right.

Library Catalogs

For books and e-books offered by the UC Berkeley Library, consult the Library's Find Books and E-Books page first. In Melvyl, WorlCat, etc., click on the REQUEST or UC-eLinks button for Interlibrary loan requests. UC Berkeley faculty, registered graduate students, and staffs can also borrow materials from Stanford University Library through Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP). For requesting materials from Stanford University Library, please use RLCP Borrowing Request forms.

For books held by libraries in Japan, use the following databases to locate materials:


Possible Starting Points

Eiga, ongaku, geinō no hon zenjōhō 映画・音楽・芸能の本全情報 2000-2004. Call No.: East Asian Ref. PN2921 .E44 2005 

Guide to Japanese drama / Leonard C. Pronko. Call No.: Main (Gardner) Stacks PL734.A12 P7 1984 

Japanese performing arts : an annotated bibliography / Masato Matsui ... [et al.], Asia Collection, University of Hawaii. Call No.: East Asian PN2921.A12 .T4 

Kinsei engeki kenkyū bunken mokuroku 近世演劇研究文献目録 / Chikamatsu no Kai hen. Call No.: East Asian PN2921 .K56 1984--Covers publications between 1951 and 1982; for publications between 1983 and 1988, use 近世演劇研究文献目録データベース
for publications between 1990-2004, use 日本古典演劇・近世文献目録データベース

Kotenseki kenkyū gaidansu : ōchō bungaku o yomu tame ni 古典籍研究ガイダンス : 王朝文学をよむために / 人間文化研究機構国文学研究資料館編 = Guidance of how to study early Japanese books : literature of the Heian period / National Institute of Japanese Literature. Call No.: East Asian PL726.2 .K66 2012

Minzoku geinō kenkyū bunken mokuroku 民俗芸能研究文献目錄. Call No.: East Asian PN2921 .M55 2004

Nihon engeki shomoku kaidai 日本演劇書目解題 / Fujino Yoshio cho. Call No.: East Asian Z3308.L5 F93 

Article Databases

Bibliography of Asian studies (BAS): Indexes to scholarly sources written in English in all subject areas on countries in Asia

CiNii: Indexes to academic journal articles from Japan and provides full-text for some journals. Also available as a part of GeNii.CiNii provides mobile phone interface.

Dentō Geinō Kankei 3 Zasshi Shzō Bunken Kensaku 伝統芸能関係三雑誌所載文献検索: Database provided by the Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, which covers articles published in 『謡曲界』(1915-1944/3), 『能楽画報』(1909/3-1941/3), and 『幕間』(1946/5-1961/10)

JAIRO: Full text journal articles and other various digital resources produced by Japanese universities; provided by the National Institute of Informatics. Also available as a part of GeNii.

Kokubungaku Ronbun Mokuroku Dētabēsu 国文学論文目録データベース: Covers articles in Japanese literary studies since 1912.

MagazinPlus:Indexes to journal articles from Japan published since 1948, articles in popular Japanese magazines since 1980, and essays in festschriften, conference papers, books, annuals, and research reports since 1945.

Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei dētabēsu 雑誌記事索引集成データベース = The Complete Database for Japanese Magazine and Periodicals from the Meiji Era to the Present: Indexes to journal and magazine articles from Japan published since the Meiji period (1868-1912), with links to NACSIS Webcat, WebcatPlus, and the National Diet Library's OPAC.

Selected Journals (Western Languages)

Here is a list of major journals in Western languages covering the field of Japanese studies, many of which are availble both online and print:

Selected Journals (Japanese)

Here is a list of selected journals in Japanese literary studies:

Useful Websites for Noh Research

Here is a list of selected useful websites for research on Noh:

Bunka Dejitaru Raiburarī 文化デジタルライブラリー: Provided by the Japan Arts Council to support research and learning of the Japanese traditional performing arts; the Council also offers Introduction to Noh & Kyogen

Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center (JPARC): An online resource center for research on and the study of the performing arts of Japan

Noh Translations: Noh Plays in Alphabetical Order of the Japanese Titles: A bibliography provided by Michael Watson, covering 253 plays in the repertoire of the five schools. 

the-noh 能.com: A gateway to the Noh.

Following are selected academic institutions from Japan relevant for the study of Noh:

Texts and Translations

Following resources are useful to locate citations for texts and translations:

Following are selected sources that offer online texts:

Reference Books

Here is a list of selected reference materials:

Heian bungaku kenkyū handobukku 平安文学硏究ハンドブック / 田中登, 山本登朗編. Call No.: East Asian PL726.2 .H415 2004 

Historical dictionary of Japanese traditional theatre / Samuel L. Leiter. Call No.: East Asian Reference PN2921 .L45 2006 

Ii-ke denrai nōmen hyakushi 井伊家伝来能面百姿 / 増田正造編. Call No.: East Asian Special Collections fGT1748.J3 I37 1983

Ii-ke denrai nōshōzoku hyakushi 井伊家伝来能装束百姿 / 切畑健, 増田正造編. Call No.: East Asian Special Collections fGT1748.J3 I38 1983

JapanKnowledge: Provides access to basic Japanese reference sources including encyclopedias and dictionaries (e.g., 日本大百科全書, 日本国語大辞典, 國史大辭典, Encyclopedia of Japan, etc.) as well as 東洋文庫 and 新編日本古典文学全集 series.

Kyōgen jiten 狂言辞典 / 古川久編. Call No.: East Asian 5914.4220 v.3

Kyōgenmen : kanshō to uchikata 狂言面 : 鑑賞と打ち方 / 小林責, 神田佳明, 岩崎久人. Call No.: East Asian Special Collections PN2071.M37 K63 2004 

Nihon koten bungaku kenkyūshi daijiten 日本古典文学研究史大事典 / 西沢正史, 徳田武編. Call No.: East Asian Reference PL726.1 .N462 1997 

Nōgaku daijiten 能楽大事典 / 小林責, 西哲生, 羽田昶: Call No.: East Asian Reference   PN2924.5.N6 K5415 2012

Nō kyōgen jiten 能。狂言事典 / 編集委員西野春雄, 羽田昶: Call No.: East Asian PN2924.5.N6 N535 1987

Nōmen 能面 / 中西通著 ; 今駒清則写真. Call No.: East Asian Special Collections fGT1748.J3 N3 

Omote Kanze Sō-ke nōmen 観世宗家能面 / 観世清和監修 ; 林義勝写真 ; [文増田正造]. Call No.: East Asian Special Collections fGT1748.J3 O46 2002

Guides for Special Subjects

Following are guides for special topics and types of materials in classical Japanese literature:

Shibai banzuke 芝居番付 (contributed by the National Diet Library)

Waka/Haiku 和歌・俳句 (contributed by the National Diet Library)

Library and Union Catalogs

Directory of Overseas Collections of Old and Rare Japanese Books, Other Print Materials, and Manuscripts 在外日本古典籍所蔵機関ディレクトリ: Provides desciptions of the collections, contact information, etc. of the libraries and museums in North America, Europe, and Oceania that hold Japanese rare books produced in pre-modern Japan

Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan. Nihon Kotenseki Sōgō Mokuroku Dētabēsu 日本古典籍総合目録データベース: A union catalog of pre-modern Japanse rare books held by Japanese libraries and selected U.S. libraries

Kōnitsuki-ban Ōshū Shozai Nihon Kosho Sōgō Mokuroku (Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan) コーニツキー版欧州所在古書総合目録 (国立国文学研究資料館): A union catalog of pre-modern Japanse rare books held by libraries in Europe

Historical Bibliographies

Here is a list of links to useful resources availble on Internet in historical bibliographies:

Image Databases

Here is a list of links to useful digital projects with images of Japanese illustrated books from the Edo period:

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