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Here are resources you'll use for your lab reports. Don't forget to review your "library lab manual" for details.

There are also tips on writing reference citations and details for getting help.



Properties and spectra

Basic data are in Combined Chemical Dictionary.

Advanced properties and spectra are in SciFinder.

Don't forget Reaxys.

And here are more sources.

Find research literature



Journal articles

Don't forget to check book and journal article citations in all that you read.


Find the first synthesis

In all that you read, check for a reference to a synthesis in an even older publication.



To avoid plagiarism, cite the information resources that you use in your lab report.

  1. After you write about an idea or fact from an information resource, prepare an in-text citation.
  2. Afterwards, in a References section at the end of your report, write an ACS style citation for the information resource.  (Tip: Search CASSI to find abbreviations for journal titles.)




Email Jeff at for research assistance.  In your message, note the following details:

  1. What chemical information are you seeking?
  2. What information resources have you tried?
  3. And for an in-person appointment with Jeff, indicate your free schedule.  (The best times are 1-5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.)


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