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About this Guide

This is a guide to the library for summer SHARP students.

Campus Library Map

Click on the image below to see a larger interactive version of the campus library map.

UC Berkeley Library campus map

You can also view/download a PDF map of library locations. For library contact information and building addresses, visit our directory.


Welcome to UC Berkeley! On a large campus such as ours, you'll find that there are many libraries serving different academic departments spread all around different buildings. As non-UC Berkeley students, you'll still have access to all the libraries and can browse and photocopy the collections but cannot check anything out. The one exception is the Moffitt and Gardner Libraries, where a UC Berkeley ID is required for entry. If you need an item from these collections, please contact Jeff or Lisa.

All of our online resources are available to you when you are in your labs on campus.

Subject libraries that are heavily used by science and engineering students and faculty include: Engineering Library, Physics-Astronomy Library, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library, Mathematics-Statistics Library, and the Bioscience and Natural Resources Library.


Find Books, Journals, and More

OskiCat is the catalog for UC Berkeley and includes all libraries on campus. Start with a keyword search, and then use subject headings for additional searching. The records will tell you the call number and location (library) for each book.

Many books covering nanoscience and nanotechnology topics are found in the call number area TA418.9, so you could browse the shelves at that location.


dekker encyclopedia of nanoscience and nanotechnology Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2004. Edited by James A. Schwarz, Cristian I. Contescu, Karol Putyera.


Encyclopedia of biomaterials and biomedical engineering Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering 2004. Edited by Gary E. Wneck and Gary L. Bowlin.


Encyclopedia of materials Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology 2001. Edited by by K.H. Jurgen Buschow ... [et al.]


More Encyclopedias


Safari Tech Books Online
Computer programming manuals from O'Reilly online.

A keyword searchable collection of engineering handbooks and textbooks from CRC Press, a major science and engineering publisher. The collection is also browsable, and includes a category on nanoscience/nanotechnology.

A collection of full-text engineering and scientific handbooks and databases, with built-in software tools.

More eBooks

Find Articles

Journal articles and conference papers are the primary means of disseminating research in engineering. Use these article databases to find journal articles and conference papers relevant to your research.

Citation Linker

If you have a citation, use the UC-eLinks Citation Linker to find the full-text. 

ucelinks citation linker

Journal Title and Date are required fields.  Enter as much information as you have about the publication.

Materials Properties & Selection

Springer Materials
Physical and Chemical data.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Comprehensive and indespensable handbook for scientists and engineers.

ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Center
Provides access to an extensive collection of binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated data.

ASM Handbooks
Covers metals as well as engineered materials such as composites, ceramics, and plastics.

CINDAS Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database
Contains data on thermal, mechanical, electrical, and physical properties of electronics packaging materials.

CINDAS Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database
Contains thermophysical properties of over 5,000 materials with approximately 50,000 data curves.

Material ConneXion
Contains material descriptions, usage characteristics, manufacturer and distributor information for over 7,000 advanced, innovative, and sustainable materials for engineering and design.

Polymers: A Property Database

Not finding what you need? More resources are available at the Engineering Library's Physical and Chemical Data page or the Chemistry Library's Chemical and Physical Properties page.


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