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About this Guide

The resources in this guide may supplement and support your research for this course.


The Business Library has a large collection of books on accounting topcs, most of them around the HF5625 call number range.  Use the OskiCat catalog to search for books by keyword, subject heading, author, title, and more.

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Market Research Databases

These databases include ready made market research.  Generally these include:

New Strategist Books

New Strategist publications offer insights into consumer behavior, demographics, buying habits, and more.  Search OskiCat using keywords "New Strategist" to get a full list of available titles.  Below are some representative examples.


American health : demographics and spending of health care consumers Read at Google Read at Google

Best customers : demographics of consumer demand Read at Google Read at Google

American women : who they are & how they live Read at Google Read at Google

International Market Research

In addition to the databases listed below, see these resources for information about global markets:

IEBM encyclopedia of marketing
Michael J. Baker (editor).
HF5412 .I32 Reference

World Market Share Reporter
Market shares of products and companies worldwide in pie charts and percentages. Indexed by brand, company name, product and SIC code.
HF5410 .W67 Reference

Consumer Research Demographics

American Community Survey
Ongoing census of demographics of US cities, counties and states.

The American marketplace : demographics and spending patterns
HC110.C6 A512 Reference
Also in Lexis-Nexis Academic.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
CPI, PPI, employment, inflation calculator, and much more.

Community Sourcebook of Zip Code Demographics
Income, spending potential, spending on various major categories by zip code.
HA203 .S66 Reference

Lexis-Nexis Statistical
Statistics and reports from trade associations, government, non-government and research organizations — examples include ice cream markets or sporting goods or fashion and footwear, etc.

Lifestyle Market Analyst
US demographics of metropolitan area — includes lifestyle attributes such as hobbies, activities.
HF5415.33.U6 L54 Reference
(Continued by SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst)

US Statistical Abstract
Detailed statistics of all aspects of the US economy on national level, some on state.

Search library catalog for title keyword "Who's Buying" for publications on specific market demographics and for subject "consumer behavior statistics" or subject "consumers statistics" for more on buyers of products and services.

New Strategist Publications
New Strategist regularly releases volumes of market research focusing on a specific demographic group or target market. Do a keyword search in OskiCat to find a full listing. Here is a sample:

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