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The following online and print resources provided by the Long Business Library are key to finding information required for this course.

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Market Research Databases

These databases include ready made market research.  Generally these include:

Market Research Data

Berkeley has several methods of accessing demographic and consumer data from the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other government and private sources.  Below are a few most recommended by the Business Library.


SimplyMap allows users to create maps and tables based on a wide range of data, including employment, demographics, real estate, housing, businesses, consumer spending, and consumer profiles.

American Factfinder (Census browser)

American FactFinder is the Census Bureau's portal to decennial census and American Community Survey data. Find detailed demographic and housing information by state, county, and ZIP code.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The BLS gathers data about the economy, including workers, consumers, industries, and prices.  The bulk of their data is available through the "Databases and Tables" section of their website.

New Strategist Books

New Strategist publications offer insights into consumer behavior, demographics, buying habits, and more.  Search OskiCat using keywords "New Strategist" to get a full list of available titles.  Below are some representative examples.


American health : demographics and spending of health care consumers Read at Google Read at Google

Best customers : demographics of consumer demand Read at Google Read at Google

American women : who they are & how they live Read at Google Read at Google

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