HIST 137AC: Repeopling America

Online introductions to Genealogy

I don't pretend to know whether these guides are good or not but they seem useful.  You need to evaluate them for yourself (and don't spend any money!)

About.com:  Introduction to Genealogy

Researching Your Family Tree

Knol:  Introduction to Genealogy ("Knol is a Google project that aims to include user-written articles on a range of topics.")

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Guides to Family History (books)

Libraries and Library web sites

 Family Search - Free web resource for family history research. You can search by surname in death, birth SSI records

Oakland Regional Family History Center - Huge and very extensive genealogical research center that also includes access to HeritageQuest, Genealogy.com, Footnote. com, etc plus extensive collection of books, directories and local histories.

A few online resources, including how to prepare for a visit to the Family History Center.

National Archives - Pacific Region - Contains the records of the Western US (Northern & Central California, Hawaii, Nevada) and is especially good source for Asian Pacific immigration information

More about their genealogy resources

California State Library - Sutro - Hours and location (scroll down; always call first - State offices still on furlough)

This web page is a guide to the Genealogy resources of the California History room of the State Library - IN SACRAMENTO.  However, it may give you an idea of the kinds of genealogy resources that are out there.  You can call or e-mail Sutro to ask if they also have the same resources.  (Indirect, I know)



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