COLWRIT R1A: Grassroots Movements for Peace

Search Terms for PeaceTopics

Within OskiCat, you can do either a keyword or subject search for your topic; usually you will get more results with a keyword search, while subject searching will retrieve fewer but more relevant results (if you use the correct subject terms). Subject terms are created by librarians and database vendors, so may not use natural language terms.  But when you find a specific subject heading, your searching will be much more efficient

Here are some examples of subject headings for peace topics:

  • Peace movements
  • Peace movements-- History
  • Peace movements--[country name]

Related terms:

  • disarmament
  • peace-building
  • peaceful change
  • pacifism

The term 'grassroots' is informal. One possible subject heading is 'local government'; another is 'community organization.' 



SMS and QR Codes in OskiCat

You can now text yourself a call number or use a QR code reader to find the location of an item in the UCB Library. Just click on a title in your OskiCat search results, and both options will be displayed on the right.

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