MEDIAST 140: History of Social Movement Rhetoric

Background Sources

The following titles are just examples of sources for background information on The Sixties and protest movements. Click on the titles to view the OskiCat record, including library location, call number and availability.

For more sources, search Oskicat by subject, including specific ethnic groups (ex:  indians of north america encyclopedias, mexican americans dictionaries), browse the reference collections of Doe Library (2nd floor) or the Ethnic Studies Library, or ask for assistance

The Sixties in America (1999)

Day by Day, the Sixties (1983)

The 1960s Cultural Revolution (2000)

The 1960s:  an annotated bibliography of social and political movements in the United States (1992)

Civil Rights in the United States (2000)

The Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America (1998)

The Civil Rights Movement (1998)

Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement (1997)

Encyclopedia of the Mexican American civil rights movement (2000)

Encyclopedia of American Indian civil rights (1997)

Historical dictionary of Native American movements (2008)

Encyclopedia of African American civil rights... (1992)


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