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Entire List of German Studies Book & Text Collections

  • 18th Century German Literature Online / Deutsche Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts
    Includes the complete editions by more than 600 German-speaking authors of the 18th century. Containing approximately 2,700 works with almost 4,500 volumes, this collection reflects the spectrum of German literature from the early stages of the age of Enlightenment to the later part of the period. In German.
    Coverage Dates: -
  • Deutsche Lyrik
    Covers almost 500 years of German lyric poetry and includes the work of over 500 authors from the 15th to the 20th century. Deutsche Lyrik contains the complete text of each poem and, in addition, includes material such as dedications and authorial notes.
  • Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker
    Provides electronic access to 133 volumes in the Bibliogthek Deutscher Klassiker, the premier collection of literary and non-literary German writing. The texts included range fromworks of the medieval period to those of major authors of the nineteenth century, and subjects include literature, history, politics, philosophy and theology. In German. The database is currently under construction and should be completed in late 2005.
  • Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature
    Lists literary texts freely available on the Internet in Western European languages other than English. Languages included are: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Old Norse and Icelandic, Portuguese, Romanian, Provencal, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Goethes Werke
    Based primarily on the Weimar Edition (also known as the Sophienausgabe) of the works of German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, originally published between 1887 and 1919. It is supplemented by Biedermann's edition of Goethe's 'Conversations', and all letters which have been discovered since the completion of the Weimar Edition, as collected in Goethes Werke : Nachtrage zur Weimarer Ausgabe, edited by Paul Raabe (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, Manchen, 1990).
  • Kafkas Werke
    The work of Franz Kafka (1883-1924) has been one of the defining influences that have shaped the literature of the twentieth century. This electronic version of Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe, Schriften und Tageb├╝cher, of which the first volume was published in 1982, makes it possible to search Kafka's complex body of work for his central themes, and to follow their development throughout his writings.

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