POLECON 150: World of Commodities

Sample Sources

From silver to cocaine: Latin American commodity chains and the building of the world economy 1500-2000. Moffitt HF1040.9.L37 F76 2006. Read at Google Read at Google

The empire of tea: the remarkable history of the plant that took over the world .Bioscience & Natural Resources GT2905. M33 2004. Read at Google Read at Google

Uncommon grounds : the history of coffee and how it transformed our world. Bioscience & Natural Resources TX415 .P46 1999. Read at Google Read at Google

River of dark dreams : slavery and empire in the cotton kingdom. Main (Gardner) Stacks E449 .J695 2013. Read at Google Read at Google

Drink talking: 100 Years of alcohol advertising. Business Library. HF6161.L46 D33 2008. Read at Google Read at Google

Chocolate, women and empire: a social and cultural history. Business Library. HD9200.A2 R63 2009. Read at Google Read at Google

Tobacco in history and culture: an encyclopedia. Main (Gardner) Stacks GT3020.T594 2005. Read at Google Read at Google

Finding Books on Commodities

The primary tool for finding books on your topic will be Oskicat.  You may also search Google Books to read some of the text before retrieving the item from the shelves by searching Google Books directly and clicking "get this book in print." You can also link to the item in Google Books you are interested in directly from Oskicat in some instances.

If you are not sure it is generally a good idea to start with a keyword search.  Keep your initial search short and simple, then explore.  If you find an item you like click the subject heading to help retrieve specific  books for the commodity, for example the name of the commodity or its associated industies (such as trade or production).  Sometimes these are not what you think, e.g. do not use oil, use "petroleum."

Some sample subject searches include You may also use language limites and date sorting to help you refine your results. Often but not always University Press books are a good place to start.

Sugar trade -- West Indies -- History
Tobacco -- History
Coffee -- History
Coal trade -- Great Britain -- History
United Fruit Company -- History
Slave trade -- Great Britain -- History

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