IAS 150: The UN-Unplugged: Multilateralism & Reform in an Age of Empire/Austerity/Ideology

Campus Library Map

Click on the image below to see a larger interactive version of the campus library map.

UC Berkeley Library campus map

You can also view/download a PDF map of library locations. For library contact information and building addresses, visit our directory.

Connecting from Off Campus

You can access UCB Library resources from off campus or via your laptop or other mobile device using one of two simple methods:

Proxy Server
After you make a one-time change in your web browser settings, the proxy server will ask you to log in with a CalNet ID or Library PIN when you click on the link to a licensed resource. See the setup instructions, FAQ, and Troubleshooting pages to configure your browser.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
After you install and run the VPN "client" software on your computer, you can log in with a CalNet ID to establish a secure connection with the campus network.

Catalogs & Search Engines

Find a book that matches your topic and go to the call number range to browse. Check the references and bibliography.

Google Scholar
. Functions as both a key word database for articles and books. It automatically connects to select licensed content held by the UC libraries. 

Google Books. Millions of scanned books worldwide.  Search the text of the books, view previews or "snippets" from books still in copyright, and read the full text of out-of-copyright books.  To read the text of a copyrighted book, use the Find in a Library link to locate the book at UC Berkeley or search OskiCat.

Oskicat. UC Berkeley libraries catalog. Includes records for most UCB library materials, including books, e-books, journal and e-journal titles, films and videos, maps, archival materials, and much more. See also the Quick Guide to Oskicat and Oskicat Tutorial.

. Catalog for all UC Campus libraries, including selected libraries on campus not in Oskicat, e.g. the Boalt Law Library. 


The UC Berkeley libraries are depositories for documents and publications from the United Nations and other International Government Organizations (IGOs). Access to print for these is via Oskicat although special indexes may be required to find older documents.   Much government information is freely available online or via dedicated digital libraries.

Electronic Resource Finder

The most important research section of the library web site is the Library Electronic Resource Finder. This is the library directory of databases and other information resources, organized by subject (e.g. political science) type (e.g. encyclopedias) as well as other categories. Some of the key databases useful for finding articles for research in international affairs include:

Columbia International Affairs
PAIS International
  - International Affairs
PolicyFile - Public Policy
ProQuest Social Sciences - Social Sciences
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

IGO Custom Search

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To get started finding International Governmental Organization (IGO) Information you may wish to try the following IGO Custom Search Engine, which was initiated by David Oldenkamp, International Documents Librarian at Indiana University, and searches 392 urls of International Governmental Organizations (IGOs).

Key Resources

United Nations Official Document System: provides full text search of documents issued since 1993; resolutions of all principal organ & Security Council plenary documents since 1946 ; older documents are added regularly.

UN Meetings and Press Releases. Press Releases are not official documents but provide timely information on the current activities of the principal organs and subsidiary bodies, including summaries of meetings.

The Yearbook of the United Nations. Principal reference work of the UN and provides a detailed overview of the Organization's activities each year. Yearbooks from 1945 to the most recent are available online and provide citation to the documentation and include the full text of resolutions.

UNBISnet is the catalogue of the UN Library in New York. In addition to the library's holdings it accesses multilingual versions of UN documents (1993-present), citation to documents (1979-present) ; metadata and online links to older documents are added regularly. Also includes an index to speeches and voting records.

UN Info Quest (UN-I-QUE) provides citation to the symbols for documents throughout the history of the organization: each record within UN-I-QUE is historically comprehensive. UN-I-QUE does not provide citation to all documents, but to certain documents of a recurrent nature.

Oxford Handbook of the United Nations. Sixty years of history of the United Nations, written by scholars, analysts, and practitioners on the key topics and debates.

Routledge Politics and International Relations Online. Includes the Encyclopedia of The United Nations and International Agreements, the United Nations General Assembly, and many more.

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