EDUC 298: Intro to Research in School Psychology

Journal Ranking

Widely cited journals and articles.

ISI Web of Knowledge - Social Science Citation Index provides a "Cited Reference Search" feature which can be searched by cited author, work or year.  The ISI database provides "cited by" information on its search results page.  ISI's Journal Citation Reports will find a current list of most highly cited journals.   It should be noted, however, that ISI is evaluating a small number of journal titles --specifically 130 education titles, 36 special education titles, and 49 educational psychology titles, a relatively small selection given that hundreds of journals are published in the field of education.  See the journal list at ISI WOS for specific titles. 

The Eigenfactor report is similar to ISI's rankings. The Eigenfactor uses a formula to rank journals based on how many citations have come from articles in that particular journal over the prior 2 years and adds to this additional calculations.  Using all these calculations they get the "EI" (Eigenfactor) and "AI" (Article Importance).  The higher the number, the better the ranking.  Comparable to the ISI rankings, the EI is available for a relatively small portion of the total education journals published.

The ProQuest search engine provides on their search results page, "cited by" links for more recent psychology articles.

Google Scholar also provides on their initial search results screen a “cited by” link with the total number of citations.  

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