HISTART R1B: Reading and Writing: American Art

Library databases

Why use a library database to find a scholarly article?

  • Because they're easy to use.
  • Because they contain copyrighted articles that aren't available via Google.
  • Because all of the Library databases contain articles from scholarly journals.

Art Databases

The following databases are recommended for finding scholarly and popular journal articles in the arts. There are hundreds of other article databases on different topics available on the library website which you can browse by subject

  • Art Source (formerly Art Full Text)
    This art periodical index covers the fields of advertising art, antiques, archaeology, architecture, art history, city planning, decorative arts, crafts, film, folk art, graphic arts, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, motion pictures, museology, painting, photography, sculpture, television, textiles, and video. Over 18,000 Art dissertations are included. Provides full text (some PDFs with images) for approximately 270 journal titles indexed from 1997 to present. There are over 600 journal titles currently indexed, including ceased titles. The citations found in this index also include abstracts from 1984 to the present.
  • Art Index Retrospective
    Indexes publications in the fields of archaeology, architecture, art history, city planning, computer applications and graphics, crafts, film, folk art, graphic arts, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, museology, painting, photography, sculpture, television, textiles, and video. Includes citations to art reproductions. Provides citations from Volumes 1-32 of the print counterpart, Art Index.
  • ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM)
    Indexes journals, books, essays, exhibition catalogs, dissertations, and exhibition reviews. Coverage extends from artists and movements beginning with Impressionism in the late 19th century, up to the most recent works and trends in the late 20th century. Photography is covered from its invention in 1839 to the present.
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
    Indexes over 1,000 scholarly and professional journals covering archaeology, architecture, architectural design, environmental design, city planning, furniture and decoration, interior design, historic preservation, history of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning. Most citations are from articles published since 1930 (with selective coverage dating back to the 1860s).

News and art news sources

  • Access World News
    Provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Offers strong regional coverage, indexing more than California newspapers such as Contra Costa Times (1995-current), Sacramento Bee (1984-current), San Francisco Chronicle (1985-current), and San Jose Mercury News (1985-current). Search categories include: California newspapers (121 titles), Greater Los Angeles (54 titles), major metropolitan titles (13 titles), Spanish-language news sources (48 titles), the World (almost 2000 titles), US (855 titles).
  • Alternative Press Index
    Includes more than 450 alternative, radical, and left magazines, newsletters, and journals in North America which report and analyze issues of cultural, economic, political, and social change. Approximately 90% of publications included are not indexed elsewhere. Indexes editorials, regular columns, essays, fiction; speeches, interviews, statistics, reprints; bibliographies, biographies, obituaries, memoirs; and reviews. Interfaces available for French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Alternative Press Index Archive provides coverage of materials from 1969 to 1990.
  • Alt-Press Watch
    Alternative, radical, and independent magazines, newspapers, and journals in North America which report on politics and government, policy and culture, international issues, education, environment as well as reviews of theater, movies and books.
  • LexisNexis Academic
    Includes over 6,000 individual titles of international, national and local newspapers and wire services; radio and television transcripts; and business, medical, industry, and legislative magazines, journals, and newsletters.
  • ProQuest Newspapers
    Includes New York Times (Historical with Index, 1851-2008, 1980-current), Los Angeles Times(Historical, 1881-1988, 1985-current), Wall Street Journal (Historical, 1889-1994, 1984-current).

Where's the PDF?

Once you've used an article database to find articles on your topic, you may need to use this button:uc-eLinks button in order to locate and read the full text of the article. 

UC-eLinks will link you to the online full text of an article if UCB has paid for online access; otherwise, UC-eLinks will help you locate a print copy on the shelf in the library. If UCB doesn't own the article in print or online format, UC-eLinks can also help you order a copy from another library.

For more information, watch this video tutorial (about 4 min.)

You can also set up UC-eLinks to work with Google Scholar.  For more information, watch this video tutorial (about 2 min.)

Proxy server

To use library databases from off campus you have to set up the proxy server: this changes your browser settings.

  • Different browsers [Firefox, Chrome, Safari...] have different instructions- they are all here.
  • You can set it up on multiple devices
  • You log in with your CalNet ID
  • There's an alternative: the VPN
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