MEDIAST 160: International Media

Background Sources

Finding Background Information - Cultural Characteristics, Data about Media

Note:  You may use Wikipedia as a starting place and a way to find other sources, but do not use it or cite it as a source.

Make sure you know what year the data you find represents. Try to use data from the last 5 years if possible.

Information Please Almanac

EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) - general overview of political and business environments of individual countries

UN Data - United Nations, general data

BBC Country Profiles - for general information; see also "Media" tab

CIA World Factbook - "Select a country or location" pull down menu

Europa World (not just  Europe; media, TV, radio, newspapers...)  Region > Country name > Directory:  Society and Media

EMarketer  - data on media usage (for some countries)

UIS Country Profiles on Media (2011-2012) - UNESCO Institute for Statistics

UC Berkeley Library Statistics Databases

The international encyclopedia of communication (reference book - but from 2003)

Brainstorming Academic Disciplines


Topic:  Image of African American women in advertising

potentially relevant disciplines:

African American Studies
Gender and Women's Studies
Ethnic Studies
Media Studies


Keywords - Brainstorming

Developing appropriate keywords/search terms is an essential part of research.  First, break your topic into components.  Develop a list of synonyms and alternative terminology for each component.  Think about broader and narrower concepts and word variants.  What words can you exclude?

Topic: Image of African American Women in Advertising

image(s) or stereotyp(es)(ing) or depict(ion) or portray(al)...

african american(s) or black(s) or minorit(y)(ies)

women or gender

advertis(e)(ing) or media

Remember to be creative with your terminology!  More examples:

people of color and environmental activism*
environmental justice
environmental justice and hazardous waste*
environmental equity
environmental discrimination
environmental racism
environmental injustice

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