UGBA 160: Consumer Behavior

Market Research & Data

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eMarketer aggregates, filters, and organizes data on e-commerce, digital marketing, and media from over 4,000 global sources. Reports covers all aspects of the internet, online, and mobile market with overviews, insights, and analysis, as well as demographic profiles of e-commerce use based on age and gender.


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Euromonitor Passport Global Markets Information Database provides business data on countries, companies, markets and consumers. Includes country statistics, market data, lifestyle indicators and analysis, market analysis, company profiles, country profiles, SWOT analyses, and much more. Academic logo Academic is a collection of market studies from four publishers: Kalorama, Packaged Facts, SBI Energy, and Simba. Reports include comprehensive overviews of market data, including information on consumer demographics and behavior.


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Mintel contains full-text market research reports covering global consumer markets, with an emphasis on U.S. and European markets. Includes a great amount of consumer demographics information and surveys on buying behavior.

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