HIST 101 : Communities, Environments & Spatial Dynamics in Social History

Research Advisory Service

Research Advisory Service for Cal Undergraduates

Book a 30-minute appointment with a librarian who will help refine and focus research inquiries, identify useful online and print sources, and develop search strategies for humanities and social sciences topics (examples of research topics).

This service is for Cal undergraduates only. Graduate students and faculty should contact the library liaison to their department or program for specialized reference consultations.

Schedule a consultation with the History Librarian

bcal screenshot Some reference questions can't be easily answered over e-mail and the History Librarian, Jennifer Dorner, is happy to talk with you in person or over the phone if your question is more complex or if you'd like a more in-depth consultation. Trying to schedule appointments via email is time-consuming. Here are some alternatives:

1. Call Jennifer at 510-768-7059

2. Use bCal to find Jennifer's calendar (dorner@berkeley.edu) and locate a free slot between 9-5, Mon-Fri. You can propose an appointment in bCal or contact her by email asking to reserve that slot for you.

3. If you don't use bCal yet and you have a gmail address, you can send that to Jennifer and she'll grant you access to her calendar.

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