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T&F Informaworld Tips

ERA (Educational Research Abstracts Online) is on the Informaworld platform.  Because it is a smaller, more focused database, it is most effective when broader, more general terms or keywords are searched.  Use the advanced search screen to deselect additional databases not related to education.  

Sample Search:
To do a subject search for empirical studies on writing instruction, follow this example:

KW (Keyword) = writing instruction

This search produces a very manageable set of less than 100 results.


Where to find ERA.  Find ERA (Education Research Abstracts) on the EDP Library homepage.  After doing searches in ERIC and EdIndex, run another search in ERA to pick up additional citations. 

What's in ERA:  The focus of ERA is current international research in education. ERA covers multiple topics including: child development, literacy, multicultural education, sociology of education, and training and general education.

    ERA indexes over 860 journal titles, and provides over 50,000 article abstracts. Citations date back to 1995. ERA includes journals from Britian, Canada, Australia, United States and Europe, some of which are not indexed in either ERIC or Ed Index/Retro.

How to find full-text of cited material.   The full-text of most of the articles to which ERA points are linked directly from the ERA platform.  ERA points to nearly 350 journal titles.  The Library purchases access to full-text articles, either online or in print, for most of the journals cited in ERA.  If a hypertext link does not appear next to a citation, do a separate search for the journal in Oskicat or Melvyl to see if the Library purchases the title from another provider.  Also, ask a librarian for assistance.  

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