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Ebsco Tips

Ebsco's Search Engine.  This is the search engine linked to Education Index Full-text, Education Index Retrospective, Academic Search Complete, and Business Source Complete. Ebsco provides only a single column, three-row f search entry. To clarify intent, terms can be linked with “and”, “or”, or “not”. 

Do not check the box labeled “full-text” as you will miss most of the material available online at UC and find only the content we buy from Ebsco.  Ebsco indexes, i..e., points to, more content than that which they sell in full-text.  UC buys all of Ebsco's education full-text content and much more full-text from other vendors.  Everything UC has purchased is seamlessly linked and findable via the UC-eLinks yellow button. 

For example, a broad subject search for empirical studies on writing instruction in K-12 schools might be:

Row One: TX (All Text) = “writing instruction”
Row Two: TX (All Text) = “empirical study”
Row Three: TX (All Text) = K-12

Ebsco is not as granular as other search engines, such as ProQuest, in that it does not permit searching by more specific fields such as Methodology or Tests & Measurements. 

Better results occur when phrases are placed in quotation marks.

Ed Index

Where to find Ed Index.  Find Ed Index via the EDP Library homepage.  Education Index in now on the Ebsco platform.  Both Education Full Text and Education Index Retrospective appear together.

What's in Ed Index
:  Education Index indexes journal articles and book reviews.  Ed Index provides citations from over 350 journals as far back as 1996.  It also points to citations for nearly 770 journals back to 1983.  Newly added is the full-text of The Chronicle of Higher Education back to January 2001. Click on “Journal Directory” after opening the Ed Index search engine to find a full list of journal titles and their coverage.  Some of the titles overlap the coverage in ERIC, but several are only indexed by Ed Index.  This is why it is important to run the same search in both ERIC and Ed Index. 

How to find full-text of cited material: The Ed Index search engine points to citations, including abstracts.  The Library provides full-text access, either online or in print (via UC-eLinks), to a large number of journal articles from the present back to 1929.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  When using the Ed Index search engine, do not check the “full-text” box.  Why?  Because you will miss many citations and full-text articles which the Library buys and to which we have online access from other content providers (other than Ebsco).
     Once a citation is identified in Ed Index, follow UC-eLinks  to discover the full-text. If we buy the full-text from Ebsco, there will be a direct link from the initial results page.  If links to full-text (online or in print) do not readily appear, ask a librarian, or use the “Request” links in Melvyl or Oskicat to request an interlibrary loan.

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