ENGLISH R1B: Frankenstein (FFP)

The "right" tool for the job

It's hard to find what you need if you're looking in the "wrong" place. Choose a resource that includes the kinds of materials you need.

Looking for books & articles ? You're likely to need both the library catalog and an article database.   Which one, and when, depends.

  • start with a catalog
    • if you already have a citation for an item
    • if you want to find books on a topic
  • start with an article database
    • if you need to isolate articles or essays on a topic
  • what you should know...

Library catalogs

List what a library owns, its location and availability...

  • OskiCat is the UCB libraries' catalog
    • books, journals, films, etc.
  • access via CATALOGS tab
    on the UCB Library website

    catalogs' menu

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Article databases

  • access via FIND INFORMATION tab on UCB Library website

    Graphic of Find Information tab

    1. follow Articles link
    2. view by subject or general (interdisciplinary) categories
    3. review database descriptions
      • subject(s)
      • type of materials included
      • dates of publications included
      • if results' text is provided

  • Recommended = central, typically helpful resource
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Where is the article?

UC-eLinks graphic  Many library databases incorporate the UC-eLinks feature. You use it when a result's text is not provided by the database searched. It checks the UC-wide collections to see if the source is available elsewhere...

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Other electronic resources

  • encyclopedias, government documents, image databases, news databases, etc.
  • access via FIND INFORMATION tab on UCB Library website

  • Graphic of Find Information tab

  • use Electronic resources link
    • view by subject (then use sidebar menu to limit by type of resource)
    • view by type (to list resources by category)
  • Electronic Resources: by subject and by type

Need a place to begin ?

If you have a topic but don't know much about it, encyclopedias can provide background that will help you get started and search more effectively.

  • identify the people, events, issues, etc., related to your topic
  • entries often have a bibliography that identifies materials related to their topic
  • online encyclopedias
    • for access, review information in electronic resources section, above
  • print encyclopedias
    • search OskiCat for library location
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