EDUC 290B: Study of Sport in Education

Search Tips

Power search features for most article databases:
  • Use synonyms -- there are many ways to express a concept (teenager or teenagers or adolescent)
  • Use truncation to get different forms of the word, for example teenage* will retrieve teenagers, teenager, teenaged, etc.
  • Use quotation marks when you want an "exact phrase"

Another really powerful tool is to use the special features and the "controlled vocabulary" of the database. ERIC has a Thesaurus, which can help you identify the exact term used to describe a concept. It also has advanced search fields such as:

  • Education Level -- do you want high school? College? Kindergarten?
  • Publication Type -- i.e.,  Tests/Questionnaires, dissertations, Numerical/Quantitative Data, Teacher Classroom Guides.
Last Update: February 04, 2014 14:30