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Researching Local Topics

Researching local topics may require you to go beyond the resources of the Doe and Moffitt Libraries and even beyond the resources that are available through the Library's web site. Important collections of local resources are available in libraries across campus, especially in the Environmental Design Library, the Bancroft Library, the Ethnic Studies Library and the Institute of Governmental Studies Library. There is a very extensive guide on Finding Local Information at

Researchers looking for information on local topics often start with newspapers. The selection of newspaper databases listed below cover more recent news. Newspapers not included in these databases may be available in microfilm and located in News & Washington local newspapers. Most are available on microfilm and are housed in the Newspapers & Microfilm collection on the lower level of Doe Library. Others in print or on microfilm may be located in the Bancroft Library or in the Institute of Governmental Studies Library.

To determine whether we own a specific newspaper and its location, search OskiCat for the title of the newspaper (example: Chicago Defender).

If you don't know the title of the newspaper, another option is to search OskiCat for newspapers by subject or by city. Go to the Advanced Keyword Search page in OskiCat and choose "Subject" from the first drop down menu. Then fill in the blank search box with keywords for your topic. Some examples might be:

african americans los angeles newspapers
chinese american newspapers san francisco

Articles related to your topic may also have appeared in magazines or scholarly journals. One place to start searching is in the interdisciplinary databases listed below. If those aren't sufficient, you can locate many other databases by title, discipline or type from our Electronic Resources page. Use the search feature to find what resources we have related to California.

erf search

Printing and Scanning in the Libraries

All libraries on campus are equipped with "bookscan stations," which allow you to scan documents and save them to a USB drive, or to scan documents and then send them to a printer.

In order to scan documents, you must have the following:picture of open book

  1. A Cal 1 Card, with money loaded onto it (go here to make a deposit to your Cal 1 Card account). This is not the same as meal plan points! Your Cal 1 Card debit account is a separate fund on your card.
  2. A USB drive (you cannot email a scanned document from a bookscan station; you must save your document to a USB drive)
  3. Scanning and saving to a USB drive is 5 cents a page for students.
  4. Scanning documents and sending them to the printer is 10 cents a page for students. Color printing is 60 cents a page.

In order to send documents to the printer from any of the public computers in the libraries, you must have the following:

  1. A Cal 1 Card, with money loaded onto it (see above)
  2. A document that's on the Web or attached to your email (the public computers in the libraries will not open files from a USB or other drive)
  3. Printing is 10 cents a page for students (black and white). Color printing is 60 cents a page.

Have more questions? There's more info here.

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