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Which catalog?

I can search for the content of journal articles in OskiCat.

I can find books from UC Davis and UCLA in Melvyl.

Searching Library Catalogs

It's often best to start your research by looking for books in the library catalogs. At Berkeley we have two different library catalogs. Oskicat is almost always the best place to start.

oskicat logo

Use OskiCat to locate materials on the shelves of the UC Berkeley libraries and also to:

melvyl logo

Use Melvyl to locate materials at other campuses in the UC system, or worldwide, and also to

  • request materials from another library if we don't own it
  • find articles from some article databases
  • easily format a citation for copying into a bibliography
  • Melvyl will also show you the location and availablity of items that we own.

Library catalog history

Keep in mind that when you are searching a library catalog:

  1. You are not searching the full-text of any books. 
  2. You can not find articles in the library catalog.

The library catalog was originally a card catalog such as those pictured below.The online catalog still doesn't contain much more information on a specific book than these index cards did in the past. For this reason you need to be persistent when searching the online catalog. Many important keywords might not appear in the catalog record for a particular book, so make sure you try different synonyms if you don't find any good results at first.

My brother's entry in the card catalog at the Yale library

Photo of card catalog from Kent Kanouse on Flickr.

photo of card catalog index card

Photo of card catalog index card by dfulmer on Flickr.

Oskicat Tips

  • Use My Oskicat to view your library account and renew books
  • Use the Request button to:
  • page books in NRLF and
  • recall books that are checked out
  • Be persistent!
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