EDUC 298: Intro to Research in School Psychology

More EDP Resources

Much much more.  There are other excellent databases, encyclopedias, and books and ebooks for research in education and psychology. 

These include:

Annual Review of Psychology.

Annual Review of Clinical Psychology.

Psychiatry Online. Contains the DSM-IV-TR.

PubMed. Indexes medicine and psychiatry.

PsycCritiques. Book reviews in psychology.

PsycTests.  Links to tests in Psychology indexed by APA.

ISI Web of Science.  Searches leading science and social science journals.

MIT Cognet. Ebooks, handbooks, and articles on cognitive science.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client narratives and reference Works. 

Counseling and Therapy in Video.  Client therapy on video.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (online) and other excellent psychology encyclopedias in print in the EDP Library reference collection.

EbooksAPAeBooks, Springer, Oxford, Ebrary.

EDP Library's webpage.  Explore links on EDP's webpage for statistics, data, news, Internet links, organizations, tests, government documents, library services, and more.

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