EDUC 298: Intro to Research in School Psychology

Find Dissertations

Find Dissertations by searching Digital Dissertations (all topics) or PsycInfo (psychology only) from the EDP Library homepage. Also, see “Find Dissertations and Theses” for other specialized sources.  Dissertations done at a UC campus may be searched in the Library catalogs.

Scope:  Digital Dissertations indexes over 1.5 million dissertations completed in North American (including those done at a UC campus) and European universities, from 1861 to the present. Listings after 1980 also include abstracts, and some point to the first 24 pages of the title. 

Full-text Access: Online full-text of many dissertations may be found by searching Digital Dissertations.  UC Berkeley dissertations in print prior to 1996 may be found by searching the Library catalogs (Oskicat or Melvyl).  

Last Update: December 03, 2013 18:20