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Area Studies Selectors

You may wish to contact the following areas studies librarians if you require additional help working with primary and secondary sources in foreign languages. UC Berkeley area studies librarians provide expert assistance across disciplines for all the languages and geographic regions listed below.

African Collections
(Jason Schultz: contact)

Chinese Collections/East Asian Library (Jianye He: contact)

French, Canadian, Iberian, & Italian Collections (Claude Potts: contact)

Dutch, Germanic & Scandanavian Collections (Jim Spohrer: contact)

Japanese Collections/East Asian Library (Ishimatsu, Hisayuki: contact)

Judaica Collections (Paul Hamburg: contact)

Korean Collections (Jae-yong Chang: contact)

Latin American Studies Collections (Carlos Delgado: contact)

Middle Eastern Studies (Shayee Khanaka: contact)

Slavic & East European Collections (Allan Urbanic: contact)

South Asia Collections (Adnan Malik: contact)

SouthEast Asian Collections (Virginia Shih: contact)

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