SLAVIC R5B: The Natural, the Real, the Supernatural

Finding Books in English

Since the UC Berkeley Libraries have a world-class collection used by scholars who speak and read many languages, you may see many non-English titles in your search results. If you prefer to see only English-language materials, you can limit your search results in OskiCat or Melvyl by language.

In OskiCat: After you search, click on the modify searchor the sort/limit results button (near the top of the page). Under Languages, select English on the pull-down menu, then click the Submit button. (You can also select more than one language by holding down the Ctrl key on a PC, or the Command key on a Mac.)

In Melvyl: After you search, look for the "refine your search" sidebar (refine your search image) on the left side of your search results page. Scroll down to see an option to limit your results by language.

Searching Transliterated Russian Names

Names and other words can be transliterated several ways from the Cyrillic to the Roman photo of Russian cathedralalphabet.

Different databases may use different forms of a name:

ABSEES database: Dostoevsky, Fyodor

MLA database: DostoevskiÄ­, Fedor MikhaÄ­lovich

OskiCat and other library catalogs:  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

What to do when you don't know the right form?

1. Search whatever form of the name you've seen.

2. Click on the title of an item that looks relevant, to view the detailed record.

3. Look for "Subject" or other tags that use a standardized form of the name. 

4. Click on these tags to find more items,
    Use the standardized form in new searches.

Examples in OskiCat:  

Dostoevsky - common English version
369 hits
sample record
has this subject tag:  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881 -- Criticism and interpretation.

Dostoevskii - direct transliteration from the Russian
341 hits
sample record
has this subject tag:  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881 -- Influence.

Dostoyevsky - standardized form of the name for library catalogs
1603 hits

The same general technique applies to other languages and other databases, as long as they use standardized names.

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