ART R1B: Roman Mummy Portraits of Ancient Egypt

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The Berkeley library system is arranged by subject. Most libraries names indicate their subject focus.

The Doe and Moffitt libraries (as well as the Gardner stacks which connects them) share a broad subject focus. Since they are named after people, the focus is not as obvious.

  • focus = Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
  • floor plans

Art History Classics Library

3rd floor of Doe (hours | contact information)

This library was established to house core collections related to upper division graduate classes taught within this library's seminar rooms.

UCB undergraduates can use the collections when the items required are only available in the Art History Classics Library:

  • students should present staff with the call number of the item(s) needed
  • materials must be used on-site
  • printing and scanning is available

Note: the majority of the circulating fine arts and classics related collections are housed in the Gardner Stacks. These materials are freely accessible and can generally be borrowed.

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Off-campus access to databases

Unless home is a campus dorm, in order to access many Library resources you must first configure your computer to use one of two simple access methods:

Proxy Server  (easiest method)
After you make a one-time change in your web browser's settings, allows you to use your CalNet ID to access a licensed resource.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
You install and run the VPN software on your computer.  It allows you to log in with a CalNet ID and accesss a licensed resource.

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