ENGLISH 190: Emily Dickinson

Dickinson Sites

Emily Dickinson Lexicon  "is a dictionary of alphabetized headword entries for all of the words in Emily Dickinson’s collected poems (Johnson 1955 and Franklin 1998 editions). The scope of the Dickinson lexicon is comprehensive. A team of lexicographers and reviewers has examined almost 100,000 individual word occurrences to create approximately 9,275 headword entries. The EDL includes proper nouns, person names, and place names that are not usually listed in general dictionaries of the English language. Because high-frequency function words such as a, of, and the are important for Dickinson studies, the EDL includes basic definitions for 168 words that were omitted from Rosenbaum's concordance (xi) with their 38,235 occurrences. Words from Dickinson’s collected letters are not included in the EDL at this time."

Emily Dickinson Journal
peer-reviewed journal devoted to Dickinson and her time

Emily Dickinson Bibliography  Many links to criticism, bibliographies of criticism, and older editions of her poems.

Emily Dickinson Museum   Links to information about Dickinson, her milieu and her life.

Dickinson Electronic Archive is a " website devoted to the study of Emily Dickinson, her writing practices, writings directly influencing her work, and critical and creative writings generated by her work."

Houghton Library's Emily Dickinson Collection  

Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson   Site with online versions of his works, concordance, biographical and other information  about  RWE.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)   Authoritative dictionary with etymology, definitions, and quotations.

King James Bible



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