GEOG 4: World Peoples and Cultural Environments


To find books, DVDs, maps, sound recordings, manuscripts, and much more - everything except articles - use a library catalog.

OskiCat = most UC Berkeley libraries

MELVYL = all UC campus libraries, including all UC Berkeley libraries

What's the difference?  more details here

For each item make sure you know the name of the physical library, call number, and whether or not it's checked out, library use only, etc.

Call numbers are on the spine of the book; learn how to read them so you can find what you need on the shelves.

Sample Searches in OskiCat

1.  a keyword search:

     keywords:  steel

okay, maybe we need to narrow things down a little:  look at items that look promising and note the official subject headings for those items, and try again:

keywords:  steel history

keywords:  steel industry and trade history

2.  another example:  keyword search, using official subject terms

keywords:  guns history

subject:  firearms social aspects
subject:  firearms industry and trade
subject:  firearms history 
subject:  wine and winemaking history

3.   finding primary sources: 

(a)  search by year of publication:

advanced search

subject:  sugar

language:  english

years of publication:  1400  1900

sort the results by date

(b)   search by name as author - either individuals or organizations

author:  carnegie, andrew

author:  california brewers association


  • modify your searches or use advanced keyword searches to limit to English, to specific years of publication, to a library location, by format (videos, maps, etc.)
  • save items to a list and e-mail the list to yourself
  • make sure you know the library location, call number and availability (checked out or not?) of the item(s) you want
  • 11 million items and 29 libraries not enough? Try MELVYL, catalog for 10 UC campuses!

SMS and QR Codes in OskiCat

You can now text yourself a call number or use a QR code reader to find the location of an item in the UCB Library. Just click on a title in your OskiCat search results, and both options will be displayed on the right.

SMS and QR image

Finding DVDs and Videos

Media Resources Center lists of media by subject

Media Resources Center lists of movies (feature films) by Subject

How to Cite Media

You can also find non-print media of all types in OskiCat; search by keywords, author, subject, title, etc. and pull down the "Entire Collection" menu to the type of resource you want (maps, films, etc.)

Regional Oral History Office

The Regional Oral History Office is a research program of the University of California, Berkeley, working within The Bancroft Library.  By conducting carefully researched, tape-recorded, and transcribed interviews, ROHO creates archival oral histories intended for the widest possible use.

Look under "Featured Projects" to find collections of oral histories in areas such as Agriculture, Food and Wine, Bioscience and Biotechnology, Western Mining, and Venture Capitalism.

Many of the interview transcripts are online.  If you find a title that isn't online, try Google; some transcripts are available via the Internet Archive.

All audio tapes and interview transcripts are also available in The Bancroft Library; search OskiCat for call numbers.  READ the materials at The Bancroft Library web site about access, conditions of use, registration, etc. BEFORE you go!


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