GEOG 50AC: California

Searching Contemporary Newspapers

Newspapers are a rich source of investigative journalism, reporting on current events, and commentary. As such, they can provide details about specific topics and events as well as insight into how the media, society, and/or aspects of society view a topic or event as it is happening. Search these newspaper databases to find articles from across a wide range of news sources - each database provides a different perspective:

Access World News
Provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Offers strong regional coverage indexing more than 200 California newspapers such as Contra Costa Times (1995-current), Sacramento Bee (1984-current), San Francisco Chronicle (1985-current), and San Jose Mercury News (1985-current). Use the California Newspapers shortcut to limit your search to a selection of California news sources.

AltPress Watch
Alternative, radical, and independent magazines, newspapers, and journals in North America which report on politics and government, policy and culture, international issues, education, environment as well as reviews of theater, movies and books.

Ethnic NewsWatch
Indexes over 200 ethnic, minority, and native press publications. Contains news, culture, and history searchable in both English and Spanish. Also includes a retrospective backfile of titles (1960-1989).

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