HIST 7B : Sierra Club Oral Histories - Shaw

Locating ROHO Oral History DVDs

Many of the Sierra Club oral history interviews are available on audiotape (called "phonotape" in OskiCat). These tapes are recordings of original, unedited interviews, and include all of the pauses, "umms," and "errs" of normal conversation. However, the tapes can be important primary sources, since they reveal the speaker's mood and tone of voice better than a transcript can.

These tapes are available to be viewed in the Bancroft Library, but they cannot be checked out. Before you go to the Bancroft, please read the "Bancroft Library - Overview" section of this guide, and make sure you know the specific interview you want to listen to, and its call number.

You can find the call number for the tape you want to listen to by using OskiCat. First, choose the particular interview you want to view by finding a transcript you're interested in, using the link in "Locating ROHO Oral History Transcripts." Then, search OskiCat by the title of the transcript or the interviewee's name, limiting your search to "Bancroft Library." The audiotape will  have a number starting with "Phonotape," like this:

Phonotape 1994 C

Give this number to the circulation desk staff, who will retrieve the tape for you.

Locating ROHO Oral History Transcripts

The oral history collection that you will need to use in History 7B is the Sierra Club Oral History Ansel Adams image of Bridalveil Falls Series (focusing on the history of the Sierra Club and its role in local and national conservation efforts). The interview transcripts are available online as PDFs through the ROHO website. A few of the transcripts are available as Kindle and other e-reader files through the Internet Archive.

Sierra Club History transcripts from the ROHO website

There is a short description of each of the transcripts, and you can click through to view or download a PDF of each interview. Some of the links will take you to the scanned transcript on the Internet Archive (archive.org), which will allow you to download the transcript as a PDF, a Kindle file, or in other ebook formats.

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