HIST 7B : Rosie the Riveter (ROHO digital collection)

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Doe & Moffitt Reference Desks

Libraries across campus have have librarians available to help.  Since the system is structured by subject, you'll want to seek help from the library specializing in your disciplinary focus.

Doe & Moffitt focus on the arts, humanities and social sciences, and, since that subject base is very broad, they also serve as general reference desks for the system.

Bancroft Library Reference

If you have questions about materials that have been identified as belonging to the Bancroft Library collection, Bancroft Reference staff can help (hours | info., email: bancref@library.berkeley.edu)

Note: The Bancroft Library is the primary special collections library at UCB. Accordingly, it has special use rules. You should familiarize yourself with these prior to your visit:

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