HIST 7B : Rosie the Riveter (ROHO digital collection)

Rosie the Riveter (digital collection)

This collection identified as the source you will be using for your assignment was produced by the Regional Oral History Office (ROHO) and is available via their website

ROHO is a research program of the University of California working within the Bancroft Library:  "ROHO conducts, teaches, analyzes and archives oral and video history documents in a broad variety of subject areas critical to the history of of California and the United States" . (more about ROHO).

Access to Collection :    lib.berkeley.edu > Libraries and collections A-Z link to the Bancroft Library Research Programs link to the Regional Oral History Office (then Go to the Regional Oral History Office website) > Use their Featured Projects menu to select Rosie the Riveter...

Rosie the Riveter World War II American Homefront Project:

  • read project overview
  • project currently provides oral histories online in text format only [despite presence of two extractsfrom two interviews in video format on this site]
  • links to text of interviews (and brief summary of their content) accompany photo of interviewees
    • For video footage, see Viewing the DVD Interview, below

  • Use tips
    • scan content summaries (for promising histories, read their table of contents prior to interview)
    • if you want to view the video footage of the interview, see Viewing the DVD Interview, below
    • if you need background information on the time period, see Background tab

Viewing the DVD Interview

In addition to reading the written transcripts of interviews, you may wish to see the video footage of an interview in order to gain additional perspective from the visual and verbal presentation. There is DVD copy of the interviews in the Bancroft Library.

  • catalog record for the collection (found by doing a title search in OskiCat)
  •  all but one or two interviewees have viewable DVD footage - must be used in Bancroft Library
  • advisable to bring your own laptop for viewing (Bancroft only has one viewing station)
  • advisable to request DVD a day or two in advance
    • request form (via Bancroft Library website). 
    • you need the call number of the DVD relating to the interview selected 
    • perform an author search in OskiCat for the selected interviewee
      • example: record for blanchette, avis
      • call number information for her DVD is Motion Picture 1130 E no.7
      • in form's item location field, choose On-Site (the DVD is part of a collection kept on-site in Bancroft)
  • The Bancroft Library is the primary special collections library at UCB. It has some special use policies. You should familiarize yourself with these prior to your visit:
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