HIST 7B : California Loyalty Oath

Loyalty Oath website (not your collection)

The California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection was first envisaged by individuals involved in a symposium held on the Berekeley campus in 1999 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the controversy.  A website was created around that symposium (separate from and pre-dating the creation of the digital collection you are using).  This website is still active. It is part of the University of Califoronia History Digital Archives (similar name to your source, so don't get confused) and contains additional content on the controvery that may be helpful in obtaining historical context. 

  • California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection (your source base)  is all primary sources. Built to expand digitized access to select content held in the UC archives regarding the controversy.

  • Loyalty Oath website was built in conjunction with the mentioned symposium. Has digitized content from symposium and select historical documents (student newspaper articles, etc.).
    • its content (primary or secondary) is separate from your source
    • it is linked to from your source, as a related resource
      • under Resources link  > related links > The loyalty Oath Controvery...

Doe Reference Collection | encyclopedias

Doe Library has the campus' major reference collection for the arts, humanities & social sciences. The Doe Reference Service is located on the second floor of the library and has a staffed desk to help navigate the collection (hours, info.).

If you need general information about the time period in which the loyalty oath occured, encyclopedias might be a good place to get that context.

  • provide basic background information -- identify people, events, issues, etc.
  • knowing this information can help you narrow your search
  • background can help you use historical sources, providing context to its content
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