HIST 7B : California Loyalty Oath

California Loyalty Oath: Digital Collection

The California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection is comprised of digitized primary source material drawn from several locations in the UC system:

  • Unversity Archives (Bancroft Library at UCB)
  • University Archives (Young Research Library at UCLA)
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives (UCSD)
  • Office of the Secretary of the Regents (Oakland)

The digital collection had its genesis in a symposium that took place on campus to commemorate the controversy's 50th anniversary.  The idea was hatched to digitize a selection of the archives' documents and make them more broadly available.  The California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection was the result.  This collection consists primarily of several thousand pages of digitized text (a few images and audio clips).  It documents the controversy that embroiled the university from 1949-1951, during the McCarthy Era.

Access to the digital collection is through the Bancroft Library website (collections link).  For ease, specific parts of the collection may be directly accessed below:

  • project website
  • timeline (of key events) 
    • for a detailed timeline, follow the link presented to the UC Digital History Archive and link to their expanded timeline

        the UC Digital History Archive is not part of the California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection.  While the site contains other materials on topic, which can provide context, it is not a part of the identified source base.

  • browse the California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection (recommended)
    • by author, subject, genre (type of resource), and geographical location
  • search
    • link to the advanced search for additional limits
    • search tips

One way to use it

  • read expanded timeline (as noted above) to isolate key events and people

  • browse collection to identify a subject or person of interest
    • review documents that match your interest
  • search collection to see if there are other materials on your topic

  • determine if you need more background on the time period
    • if so, see Background tab for details

  • trouble using the digital collections?  questions about it?
    You may want to ask the librarian responsible for the university archives (see Help tab for details)
  • talk with your GSI about how to interpret the documents you are finding
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