ENGIN 296: Master of Engineering

Company Information

  • Hoover's Online
    Contains profiles of companies including history, financials, competitors, etc.
  • Mergent Online
    Mergent is the library's best source for public company financials and SEC documents going back to 1994.

Company & Industry News

The following databases cover all areas of business and industry and include articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, and trade publications. When you see an article you're interested in, the orange UC-eLinks button will link you to the full text of the article if Berkeley has a subscription. ucelinks

  • Factiva
    Provides general and business news and information from more than 9,000 sources in 22 languages, including influential local, national and international newspapers, leading business magazines, trade publications, and news wires. Includes The Wall Street Journal (1979-present) and the Financial Times.
  • Access World News
    Provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Offers strong regional coverage, indexing California newspapers such as Contra Costa Times (1995-current), Sacramento Bee (1984-current), San Francisco Chronicle (1985-current), and San Jose Mercury News (1985-current).

Find Market Research Reports

These databases include ready made market research reports.  Generally these include:

  • Market size
  • Market share
  • Market segments
  • Key players
  • Analysis and forecast

  • Frost and Sullivan
    Contains market research on the following industries: Aerospace and Defense; Automotive and Transportation; Chemicals, Materials and Food; Electronics and Security; Energy and Power Systems; Environment and Building Technologies; Healthcare; Industrial Automation and Process Control; Information and Communication Technologies; and Measurement and Instrumentation.
  • Gartner
    Provides in-depth market research on information technology industries, including computer software, hardware components, and wired and mobile telecommunications. Note: available only via a CalNet ID.
  • IBIS World Industry Market Research
    25-40 page research reports on hundreds of U.S. industries.
  • MarketResearch Academic
    Includes more than 600 market studies covering the Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy Technology, Materials & Chemicals, Equipment & Machinery, Building & Trades, Publishing & Media.
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