ENGIN 000: SHARP Guide to Library Research

Campus Library Map

Click on the image below to see a larger interactive version of the campus library map.

UC Berkeley Library campus map

You can also view/download a PDF map of library locations. For library contact information and building addresses, visit our directory.


Welcome to UC Berkeley! On a large campus such as ours, you'll find that there are many libraries serving different academic departments spread all around different buildings. As non-UC Berkeley students, you'll still have access to all the libraries and can browse and photocopy the collections but cannot check anything out. The one exception is the Moffitt and Gardner Libraries, where a UC Berkeley ID is required for entry. If you need an item from these collections, please contact Jeff or Lisa.

All of our online resources are available to you when you are in your labs on campus.

Subject libraries that are heavily used by science and engineering students and faculty include: Engineering Library, Physics-Astronomy Library, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library, Mathematics-Statistics Library, and the Bioscience and Natural Resources Library.


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