ITALIAN 5B: You Are What You Eat: Cannibalism in Western Literature from Ovid to Calvino

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1.  Find the appropriate article database by subject (academic discipline or department).

Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject

2.  Searching

Use Advanced Search if available

one word or phrase per horizontal row of search boxes

when appropriate, use truncation symbol for variant word endings (child* = child, childs, children, childish, childhood...)

use alternative terms when necessary (film or movie* or cinema*)


Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject > Literature > MLA Bibliography (also good for film)



film* or movie* or cinema*


select checkbox for "English only" if appropriate

MLA: The Movie!  (1:18 min)

Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject > Film > Film and Television Literature Index


3.  Find the locations of articles - online or on the shelf

Some article databases include the full text of all or some of their articles. 

If not, click on the UC e-links icon, which will lead to links to full text if available, or else a link to the Next Generation MELVYL catalog.  Click on the MELVYL link to search for the library location of the journal.

Watch the UC e-links movie!  (2 minutes)


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