ITALIAN 5B: You Are What You Eat: Cannibalism in Western Literature from Ovid to Calvino

Finding Background Information

1.  Do you need background information on your topic?  Try reference sources, for example:

Civilization of the ancient Mediterranean:  Greece and Rome
DREF DE59.C55 1988

A Companion to Greek Studies
DREF DF77.W5 1931

Brill's New Pauly:  encyclopaedia of the ancient world
DREF DE5.N4813 2006

oh heck, you can use this one online

Historical dictionary of modern Italy
DREF DG555.G53 2007

Encyclopedia of Anthropology
DREF GN11.E63 2006

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology
DREF GN307.E52 1996

DREF = Doe Reference collection, 2nd floor Doe Library

Other online reference works relating to the Classics

Literature Online

Literature Resource Center

set up your computer for off campus access to these databases

2.  Think about keywords for your topic - as few as possible. 

If you're not finding anything when searching, think broader terms (instead of A Modest Proposal, use Jonathan Swift; instead of Metamorphoses, use Ovid)

3.  Think about which academic disciplines might write about your topic.  Examples:  literature, film, anthropology, history...


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