HIST 6A: History of China: Origins to the Mongol Conquest

Article Databases

Search an article database to find citations (title, author, title of journal, date, page numbers) for articles on a particular topic.  The Library gives you access to over 200 article databases covering different disciplines.

1.  Think about which academic disciplines might write about your topic.  Examples:  literature, film, anthropology, history...

2.  Find the appropriate article database by subject (academic discipline or department).  Look for "Recommended" databases.

Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject

Searching Article Databases

Library home > Articles > General Article Databases > JSTOR

REMEMBER:  JSTOR doesn't include articles from the last 3-5 years!!!

Advanced Search

1.  confucius (full text)

law or legal (full text)

add a field

china (full text)

results are rather broad and the terms can be pages away from one another.  Would you like to be able to specify that the terms appear within a few words of one another?

confucius (full text)

(near 25)  law or legal (full text)

(near 25) china  (full text)

another search example:

song dynasty


Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject > E > East Asian Studies > Bibliography of Asian Studies

advanced search

song dynasty


another example

terracotta soldier*

want more results?  try other terms:



if necessary, scroll down on the search page and limit your search to articles in journals that specialize in Asian Studies, History, Law, and other appropriate disciplines


advanced search also allows you to limit to certain years of publication (1980-2000, for example), to specific disciplines (ex:  African American studies) etc.

Search Results

  • click on the title to see full record (including abstracts and descriptors)
  • to limit by publication type (peer-reviewed journals, conferences, books, etc.) click on the appropriate tab or link
  • if necessary,look for other limits (latest update, journal articles only, english only) and more advanced searches
  • select records to save to your personalized list; lists may be e-mailed, downloaded, printed

UC-eLinks - Find Article Text/Location

Once you've searched a database to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks orange logo to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database is a bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the Uc-eLinks icon click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

UC e-Links image

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.

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