COLWRIT R4B: Public History, Personal Story

Primary Sources in Oskicat

There are tens of thousands of historical primary sources in Oskicat.  To narrow your searching to primary sources, try this.

  1. Use Advanced Keyword Search
  2. Pull down the "Subject" limiter in the left side box.
  3. Enter your main search term.  It could be a topical word, like Auschwitz or Holocaust.
  4. In the next row, again pull down the "Subject" limiter in the left side box. Enter one of these specific 'primary source' search words:
  • personal narratives
  • correspondence
  • interviews
  • memoirs
  • diaries
  • sources
  • pamphlets

The results should be a list of primary sources on your topic, each of which is a book in the Berkeley library.

Last Update: August 23, 2013 14:05