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Find books in DC

How can you get books in Washington DC?  Not from your campus library, sorry to say.

But you do have access to academic and professional libraries in DC:

  • Collections at your internship can be helpful
  • You can read [not borrow] books from academic libraries in the DC area, including Howard University, American University, Georgetown University and George Washington University. 

Find eBooks

Since you are away from your library, electronic books become even more convenient for your research.  All campuses purchase ebooks, and there are various ways you can find them, but these differ by campus. 

A basic approach is to use your library's catalog.  Limit your search results to online resources-- this usually requires an advanced search.  Here's an example, using the Santa Barbara catalog [quick video]

You can also use Melvyl and limit the results to your own campus. 


Last Update: January 31, 2014 13:04