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Where's the PDF?

Many article databases contain information about articles (citations or abstracts), not the entire text of the article.  Once you've used an article database to find articles on your topic, you may need to use uc-elinks button in order to locate and read the full text of the article. The UC-eLinks button appears in nearly all the databases available from the UCB Library website.

UC-eLinks will link you to the online full text of an article if UCB has paid for online access; otherwise, UC-eLinks will help you locate a print copy on the shelf in the library. If UCB doesn't own the article in print or online format, UC-eLinks can also help you order a copy from another library.

For more information, watch this video tutorial (about 4 min.)

You can also set up UC-eLinks to work with Google Scholar.  For more information, watch this brief demo (about 40 seconds.)

Finding Newspaper Articles

You can search the Web to find very recent news articles from U.S. and world newspapers, but newspapers do not usually make their articles freely available for more than a few days after publication (and some newspaper sites require a subscriber login). The Library has electronic collections of newspaper articles from the U.S. and around the world, which you can search by date or keyword. You can search for articles from today or from many years ago.

Here are some of the the most useful news databases available through the UCB Libraries:

Access World News - Full articles from hundreds of U.S. and worldwide newspapers (over 600 U.S. newspapers and over 700 international newspapers), going back to the 1980s. Good source for local California newspapers.

Lexis-Nexis Academic - Articles from over 6000 U.S. and international news sources, also including radio and television transcripts, translations from foreign news sources, and some magazines (mostly business- and law-related).

Finding Magazine and Journal Articles

The Cal libraries have access to thousands of scholarly journals and hundreds of popular pictures of journalsmagazines, both electronically in and in printed format.

Not sure of the difference between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine? Journals contain articles written by experts (university professors, professional researchers) for other experts in the same field of study. Journal articles are usually very specialized and can be more difficult to read, if you are not already knowledgeable in the subject area. Magazines contain articles written by journalists or freelance writers, intended for the general public. Always check with your instructor to see if magazine articles are acceptable to use as sources for your paper!

Some good general resources for electronic magazine and journal articles are Academic Search Complete and JSTOR.

Academic Search Complete contains information about thousands of articles in magazines AND journals; limit your search to Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals to see only scholarly journal articles. Click "Linked Full Text"  linked full text or "PDF Full Text"  pdf full text to read the whole article. All subject areas are included in Academic Search Complete.

JSTOR is an interdiscplinary (all subject areas) article database that includes only scholarly articles, from thousands of different scholarly journals.

Finding Print and Electronic Books: OskiCat

OskiCat is the search engine for all the books in all the 20+ libraries on the Berkeley campus. Using magnifying glass imageOskiCat, you can find out what books the Cal libraries own, whether or not the books you want are checked out, and where the books are located on campus. You can also search OskiCat to find other items owned by libraries on campus, like magazines, journals, maps, archival materials, CDs/DVDs, and more.

OskiCat contains only brief descriptions of books, not the full text of the books themselves -- so choose your search words carefully. You have a better chance of finding the books you want if you limit your search to only a few, important terms.

  • Not-so-good search: effects of gentrification on inner-city neighborhoods (0 results!)
  • Good search: gentrification urban (91 results -- "urban" is a more commonly-used word in city planning than "inner-city", so it's a better word to use).

The Cal Libraries have over 10 million books, so if you can't find a book on your topic, you might be using the wrong search words. Ask a librarian for help!

More Resources

doe libraryCan't find an article database in this guide that's relevant for your topic? Use the Library's Article Databases by Subject page to find and search recommended databases for your subject area. Or try the general Find Articles page to see a complete listing of all article databases, including news databases and city and regional planning databases.

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