THEATER 25: The Drama of American Cultures

Finding Biographical Information

The following databases are good places to look for biographical information about a given playwright:

Finding Biographical and Background Info in OskiCat

OskiCat lets you know what books are available in the UC Berkeley Libraries. OskiCat does NOT index picture of magnifying glassarticles, but it's a good way to find out what books we have and which magazines and journals the Library subscribes to. To see if any books have been written about the playwright you're researching, try using their name as a subject (last name first).

From the Quick Search screen, choose the "Subject begins with..." option from the pulldown menu, then enter your playwright's name (e.g., chin, frank). This will let you find books ABOUT Frank Chin. To find books both by and about Frank Chin, enter his name in the Keyword (default) search box. Either frank chin or chin, frank wil work in Keyword search.

To find books that discuss and critique a given playwright's works, use the Keyword search. Enter the playwright's name plus the words criticism and interpretation, like this: amiri baraka criticism and interpretation.

To find books about a specific play, just type the play's title into the Keyword search box. You may need to include the author's name if the title is a very common word, e.g. fences august wilson.

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