PSYCH 130: Clinical Psychology

Books for Psychology

APA ebooks and APA PsycTests.  Full-text online books and some full-text tests.

Psychology Resources

To research issues in psychology, such as a specific disorder, there are several key resources to explore. 

Ask yourself:
Do I need an overview? 
Do I need specific information on a diagnosis for a disorder? 
Am I interested in finding books -- digital or print? 
Do I want scholarly articles or dissertations?
Does my topic include medical or pharmaceutical issues?

Overview? For an overview, consult an encyclopedia, dictionary or an annual review.  Try:
International Encyclopedia of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Elsevier)
Dictionary of Psychology (Oxford)

Trying to get a deeper overview of research on a topic?
Annual Reviews in Psychology and Annual Reviews in Clinical Psychology are good starting places -- they provide literature reviews of important and emerging areas of research.

Diagnosis? For diagnostic information, consult the DSM for its current diagnosis. PsychiatryOnline
contains the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and several full-text psychiatry journals.

Articles & Dissertations? For scholarly articles, book chapters and dissertations, search:

PsycInfo.  This is the core index to articles in psychology. If you only use one psychology database -- this would be the one! This link also searches related databases, including Sociological Abstracts, Social Service Abstracts, ERIC, PILOTS. 

PILOTS will provide articles on post-traumatic stress disorders. 

PubMed for articles related to medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry and psychology.

Academic Search Complete for articles on multi-disciplinary topics including psychology.

Web of Science for articles on social sciences and psychology. Includes the Science and Social Sciences Citation Index. These let you find "forward citations" -- update your research by finding articles that cite an article.

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