COLWRIT 4B: Images of History/Japanese American Internment

Article Databases

Search an article database to find citations (title, author, title of journal, date, page numbers) for articles on a particular topic.  The Library gives you access to over 200 article databases covering different disciplines.

1.  Think about which academic disciplines might write about your topic.  Examples:  literature, film, anthropology, history...

2.  Find the appropriate article database by subject (academic discipline or department).  Look for "Recommended" databases.

Library home > Articles > Article Databases by Subject

Searching Article Databases

Sample searches in America: History and Life (article database - secondary sources):

japanese (select a field - optional)
(select a field - optional)
student* (select a field - optional)

historical period: 1940 to 1945

click on expand record to see long version of record including abstract

dorothea lange (select a field - optional)
ansel adams (select a field - optional)
internment (select a field - optional)

Watch the movie (short): navigating to America: History and Life, searching, saving and e-mailing a list of cites

See below for a movie demonstrating UC e-links from America: History and Life.

Search Results

  • click on the title to see full record (including abstracts and descriptors)
  • to limit by publication type (peer-reviewed journals, conferences, books, etc.) click on the appropriate tab or link
  • if necessary,look for other limits (latest update, journal articles only, english only) and more advanced searches
  • select records to save to your personalized list; lists may be e-mailed, downloaded, printed

UC-eLinks - Find Article Text/Location

Once you've searched a database to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks orange logo to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database is a bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the Uc-eLinks icon click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

UC e-Links image

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.

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