POLI SCI 171: California Politics

Blogs for Public Policy

Blogs provide opinions and/or news from a particular agency or organization and breadcrumb link trails to other sites that you may not have already thought about pursuing to develop an area of policy or current events in which you have a focused interest.  Here are a few suggested blogs to visit



California Majority Report

California's Capitol

Calitics-A very irreverent and smart-alecky progressive California politics weblog.

Capitol Alert - Sacramento Bee

Capitol Notes - KQED News

California Progress Report

Capitol Roundup - from the editors of Capitol Weekly and AroundtheCapitol.com

Flash Report

Fox and Hounds Daily

Kim Alexander's Weblog - voting and election issues

Rose Report - news and commentary from the the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, Claremont McKenna College.

Rough and Tumble-More of a daily news digest than a blog, but extremely useful in tracking the events and people that California's major newspapers are covering.
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