POLI SCI 171: California Politics

Policy Research Orgs

Key California public policy research orgs

Little Hoover Commission

Browse reports by subject. The Commission's mission is to investigate state government operations and – through reports, recommendations and legislative proposals – promote efficiency, economy and improved service.

California Research Bureau

Search CRB Public Reports. Reports may include the history of the issue, experiences and proposals in other states, case studies and examples, data analysis, and development of legislative proposals.

Public Policy Institute of California

Dedicated to improving the quality of public policy decisionmaking in California, the Public Policy Institute of California provides high quality research and broad outreach programs to a wide range of California-specific topics.  Data, reports, and surveys on California policy issues can be found here.

Gateways to policy literature from many orgs

Policy Archive
Free, online research library of over 30,000 reports covering public policy across the United States.  Browse by subject or search by keyword.

Index to public policy in the areas of economics, politics, the environment, and social issues, taken from reports from a wide range of thinks tanks, Non-governmental organizations, international governmental organizations, and other institutions worldwide.


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