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Primary Sources

Prelinger Archives official site

About ephemeral films

Prelinger Archives on the Internet Archive:  view the films!  Use the Tag Cloud or Browse by Subject/Keywords

Search box near the top of the screen allows you to limit your search to the Prelinger Archives or search all Moving Images available via the Internet Archive

The default "any field" search includes comments field, shotlist, etc.

Truncation/wildcard symbol is * (child* = child, childs, children, childish, childhood...)

If you need two or more words to appear together (a phrase) use quotes

Boolean operators (AND, OR, AND NOT) must be in caps

Advanced search allows a bewildering array of possibilities, including limiting by date and "boosting" a term (increasing the relevance of a search term)

Media Resources Center lists of media:  Commercials and Advertisements

Non Fiction Film and Television - including ephemera, propaganda, political debates and ads, etc.

Time Magazine archive, 1923-present. 

Primary Source Databases

For a more extensive list of American primary source databases go here

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