ARCH 170A: Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism

Finding Books

Consult the Basic Resources tab for general information. For in-depth information about your topic, search the Library's catalogs using the tips below and your notes on specific building names, designers, location, and date built.

Tips for Searching the Library Catalogs

In the Library's catalogs use keywords or subject headings to search for title, subject, author, or corporate author.

Use truncation or wildcards (* or ?) for variations of words (e.g. vatican*).

by time period:
Architecture, Ancient
Architecture, Gothic
Architecture, Postmodern
Architecture, 20th century

by type of building or site:
Church architecture
Tall buildings

by location by city, state, or country:
Cliff dwellings--Southwest, New
Gardens-- France

by series and name of set:
Great ages of world architecture
Living architecture

Search for a specific architect or designer:
Borromini, Francesco
Burle Marx, Roberto
Morgan, Julia

by specific building or site:
Golden Gate Park--San Francisco, California
Machu Picchu site--Peru
Parthenon--Athens, Greece

by firms or organizations using corporate authors such as:
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Society of Architectural Historians
Olmsted Brothers

by periodical (journal) titles:
Architectural history
Traditional dwellings and settlements review
Urban history
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